5 Reasons to Consider a Trade

This guest blog from Julian Groneberg of AEG Power Tools will be discussing some of the top benefits of entering the trade business. Working as a tradesman has more than its fair share of perks. From being your own boss, to having valued skill sets that will always be in demand, there are many reasons why people turn towards the blue collar trades for a rewarding career.read more >

Why Webinars Are A Good Marketing Tool To Reach Tradesmen

Webinars are a good way to mix up the way you deliver your message to tradesmen. They allow you to set yourself apart as an expert, gives you visibility, credibility and immediate feedback on your topic. They take a lot of work, but if done right, will reap you benefits for a long time. You can also repurpose them as webcasts and put them on your web site so the contractors can view them at their leisure.read more >

Six Industrial Blogging Tips to Reach Professional Tradesmen

The purpose of a blog is to have an ongoing conversation with your customer or potential customer. In the case of professional tradesman, whether they be electrician, plumbers or iron workers, they only have so much time and when they're looking for info it has to be relevant to them. By focusing in on a niche you set yourself up as an expert. Here are six quick tips on how you can make a niche blog work in your favor.read more >