Hug a Plumber Day

by | Apr 25, 2024

By: Kylie Stanley, PR Technician

Did you know that “Hug a Plumber Day” takes place on April 25? Every year, this day is a reminder to celebrate plumbers as they typically don’t receive enough credit for their work.

From late-night emergencies to routine maintenance, these professionals handle it with dedication and expertise. From tackling over-flowing toilets to stubborn clogs, they spare us from inconvenience and frustration.

Without plumbers, our world wouldn’t be sanitary or operating. At Sonnhalter, we are thankful for the hard work and commitment that plumbers have. We’ve had the opportunity to see plumbers at work and have heard their stories. Plumbers do so much more than unclog drains and fix leaky faucets. It’s plumbers who install the miles of piping that make hot, cold and process water and gas utilities possible.

As we celebrate Hug a Plumber Day, let’s remember that our appreciation extends beyond a single day. Let’s strive to recognize and honor the vital role plumbers play in our lives. To all the plumbers out there–Thank you. Together we shower you with gratitude.

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