Social Media: 4 Signs Your Tradesmen Want to Hear From You

Construction Worker RelaxedBlogs, Forums, Twitter – are your brands or company being mentioned on any of these? If not, what are you going to do about it? Should you be joining the conversation? What are your competitors doing? Remember, those that start conversations often end up leading them.

I read an interesting post recently from Maria Pergolino, Social media: Signs your prospects want to hear from you, that I thought had some valid points to consider.

  1. People Talking about You. While this is the most obvious, when you do find those opportunities you need to start participating. Tools like Google and Twitter Search are good free tools to use to help identify opportunities.
  2. Friends on Parked Names. Sometimes companies reserve names (park) on social sites so no one else can get them, but aren’t active on the site other than some basic company info. While there, you might be attracting potential customers or editors even without putting content up. If this is the case, you’re missing opportunities.
  3. Someone Speaking for your Brand. Sometimes people (many times they are customers) take over your name and start talking about your brand or product. Often these advocates share tips and tricks on how you can do your job better. Other times they may be complaining about a product, its features or even your customer service. Regardless, the conversations that are taking place indicates interest in your products. In either case, you should know that you’re being talked about, and in the case of the customer who is unhappy, you should try to come to the root of his problem.
  4. Name Squatting. This is where someone else beats you to your name (brand) on a social site. It may be someone who wants to profit from your name like one of your distributors, or it could be a competitor trying to lock you out of that particular market. If it’s someone using your name, you should monitor it (use a service) to make sure they aren’t saying anything negative about you. Whatever the reason, it should indicate to you that someone thinks it’s important enough to capture your name.

In Social media, they’re going to talk about you whether you’re listening or not. Don’t stick your head in the sand and ignore them.


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  1. Maria Pergolinoi

    Thanks for the comments about my post- glad you enjoyed! I spent some time reading through your blog and really enjoyed it’s mix of marketing with industry specific information. I’m sure it’s considered an asset to tradesmen in construction. Great work! -Maria

  2. Marc LeVine

    I am the Social Media Director of RaEnjolie, Inc, (, a New Jersey web development company specializing in professional looking and affordable websites for those in construction and other building trades.

    A large part of my job is exploring and researching Social Media; looking for existing and emerging platforms and tools, which RiaEnjolie and our clients can leverage to bring them marketing success.

    It has been astutely mentioned – by some – that most Social Media platforms and tools come and go rather quickly. This is very true.

    What does seem to be “sticking around” awhile is the successful mindset for Social Media.

    Take a look at Bestseller lists that include books on this topic. The ones that are most successful usually talk less about the tools and more about the approach to using these tools in Social Media. Guess what? The tools don’t matter much at all. It’s really all about the conversations they help us facilitate with others. So, there is nothing new about Social Media that hasn’t already been experienced by any one of us, who has ever networked with other people, socially and for business purposes.

    Once you understand this truth, the fear is gone and your focus then becomes fixed on the strategy. Who is your audience? Where are they found? How do you connect with them? This is all Marketing 101 stuff.

    As for the Social Media tools? You can’t use them all, anyway. Just look around and pick the ones tht make the most sense to you and others in the construction industry.

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace are the more popular platforms in Social Media. After that, it’s all about experimentation and personal preference.

    Ever go into a Cigar shop? You can’t smoke every cigar, so you listen to a few recommendations and then you try a few different types of cigars until you find the ones you like the most. Same with wine. Same with food. Same with music…movies….books.

    Don’t want to waste time on trial and error? Agreed. Social Media is Social, at its root. If it were called Business Media, it would be entirely different from what it actually is. Most people use Social Media to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. You can do the same thing in your spare time; have a ball; and learn what you need to know about the some of the platforms and tools out there.

    Later on, you can connect the dots with your business models. Meanwhile, you haven’t missed a beat at work and, perhaps, discovered a new hobby to enjoy in your spare time. All of a sudden you have found a hobby that can help you during your business day, as well.

    Please feel free to connect with me on Twitter at icanewfriend or in my Facebook Group called “Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses” at!/group.php?gid=121323304547840&ref=ts

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