Perspective on Training

Having a trained workforce is a major challenge in several of the industries that we work with. I wanted to share some highlights from a blog post by the NAED president (National Association of Electrical Distributors) answering the question: Why is training important?read more >

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Trade Association Meetings?

Most associations are stuck doing things the way they have for years. I wonder if it's because they're afraid of change or don't know how or why to try something different. Two models that I think work well are the National Association of Electrical Distributors(NAED) and the Industrial Supply Association (ISA). They both have tried different things that seem to be working. read more >

How Can We Get the Most Out of Trade Association Meetings?

I just got back last week from the ISA (Industrial Supply Association) Show in San Antonio, and I have to tell you, if I were a manufacturer, I'd have to think about what I was getting out of that more >

Innovation Roundtable – Getting the Trades, Distributors and Manufacturers Together

What was so unique about the event is that there were manufacturers, distributors, electrical contractors, electricians, building inspectors and even representatives from the IBEW and NAED there.Topics included industry landscape, building partnerships, media revolution, marketing best practices, emerging technologies and innovation and more >