Critical Tactics to Consider When Sending Out E-mails

E-mails are still a good "go to" strategy whether you're a B-to-B or B-to-C marketer. When going after the professional tradesmen or contractor, we have found that timing is probably one of the most critical components to a successful campaign. read more >

E-Mail: Still an Effective Method to Reach the Professional Tradesmen

All of us are getting inundated with e-mail, but studies show it's still one of the best ways to reach out to people. It does have its challenges with spam filters and and internal firewalls.But I've found that by using some of the techniques for writing blog posts have come in handy in writing e-mails. So here are some tips on how to more effectively use this tool:read more >

E-Mail And Social Media Are Tools B-to-B Marketers Plan On Using More Of In 2010

As we all look forward to 2010 in our planning processes, we're all looking for ways to generate exposure and ultimately leads that turn to into sales. Most marketing budgets will still be tight in 2010, and marketers are looking for ways to get the best bang for the more >

What’s the Best Way of Reaching the Professional Tradesman: Drip or Closed Loop Marketing?

The answer is both depending on how you're developing and nurturing prospects. Today both Drip Marketing and Closed Loop marketing are seen to be online strategies. Truth be known, these have been going on long before we had the use of the Internet tools. Effective marketing programs today should utilize both. We are fortunate to have these tools that help us monitor and measure our activities in infinite ways. Here are some suggestions on how to reach the Professional Tradesman using both Techniques: Drip Marketing - I define this as an ongoing way to communicate and deliver product info and thought leadership to contractors and tradesmen who have identified themselves to us. It can use traditional methods like direct mail with things as simple as a series of postcards or other mailers to touch folks on a regular basis (monthly, weekly or daily). With the advent of the Internet we can add links to our e-mails to landing pages that can expand on content, offer incentives and interact with tradesmen.I'd suggest that to be effective, run and monitor these campaigns using an automated system.These automated systems will help you create and deliver messages and gives you the metrics to monitor open rates,click throughs and opt outs.They will also help reduce spam complaints and increase delivery. Closed Loop Marketing - I define this as a more complex system that involves marketing working closely with sales to work a contractor through the sales process. It utilizes many if not most elements that are in a Drip program but goes beyond just delivering information based on a previous actions and their place in the buying cycle. Marketers literally "close the loop" by working with sales to provide the right info at the right time based on contractors responses. "Close the Loop" marketing provides…read more >

7 Ways to Combine Social Media With E-mail to Reach the Professional Tradesman

E-mail combined with social media offerings like Linked-in, Facebook and Twitter allow you to get your message out quicker to more people and give them an easy way to reply. In other words, you're engaging them and that's why social media is so important. By clicking a link, you are sharing content with influencers that you might not have had reached. read more >

Quick Tips to Promote Your B-to-B Blog

Promoting your blog should be no different than promoting a new product. Your marketing strategy should include both push and pull strategies. 5 easy ways to promote your blog using the old standby - e-mail. read more >

Industrial Marketers Need to Use Blogs and Emails to Reach Tradesmen

Industrial marketers should use blogs and e-mails together to maximize their marketing efforts to professional more >

Five Ways for Manufacturers to Improve E-mail Marketing to Tradesmen

Manufacturers who market to tradesmen should consider e-mail marketing as another tool in their marketing tool box. Using e-mail marketing can improve and increase business from your existing clients, as well as identifying and nurturing new more >