E-Mail And Social Media Are Tools B-to-B Marketers Plan On Using More Of In 2010

by | Dec 17, 2009

As we all look forward to 2010 in our planning processes, we’re all looking for ways to generate exposure and ultimately leads that turn into sales. Most marketing budgets will still be tight in 2010, and marketers are looking for ways to get the best bang for the buck.

According to eMarketer.com, 75% of small businesses (under 500 employees) plan to increase their e-mail marketing in 2010. 70% will put more dollars toward social media according to Vertical Response data.

Planned Change in Online Marketing Spending in 2010 by US Small Businesses, by Tactic (% of respondents)

B-to-B marketers are using these tools because they are inexpensive and generate quick measurable data. Campaigner and Hurwitz & Associates studied small businesses under 20 employees and found 28% of those that used e-mail marketing considered it inexpensive and an effective way to reach new customers.

Benefits of E-Mail Marketing According to Small Businesses in North America, July 2009 (% of respondents)

Smart marketers will include both e-mail and social into their 2010 plan. That and some search engine marketing and you’ll have a winning combination.

I’d like to hear from you on whether e-mail and social are in your 2010 plan.


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