What Do You Want From Your B-to-B Lead Generation?

We all have an end game hopefully on both generating and converting leads. What are the critical factors that you’re looking for?

I recently read in MarketingProfs highlights of a recent study by Business.com surveying 500 active pay-per-lead advertisers that identified what’s important to them. Some are obvious while others are nice to haves but almost impossible to get. Here are some highlights of what marketers want:

  • Know the purchasing horizon time line
  • Know the size of their business (# of employees)

Further, here are some things they find useful of leads that are generated from content marketing:

  • Whitepaper leads
  • Webinar leads
  • Sponsored emails
  • Case studies
  • Product feature guides

Are you capitalizing on these types of content marketing? If not, maybe you should consider it.

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B-to-B Marketers: Tap Social to Increase Search

Social media marketing is important in its own right, but efforts in the area can boost more online channels according to an article in  eMarketer.com.

According to the data from B2B magazine and Business.com, marketer’s No. 2 goal for social media after brand building was increasing traffic to websites. Search ranking increased with increased social activity. If you generate more traffic, a logical conclusion is that you’ll generate more leads.

Are you utilizing social media to improve your search as part of your overall strategy?


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Small Businesses Have Social Media Marketing Advantage

I’ve always said that I believe small businesses have the advantage in social media. Two of the most important reasons are that small business owners are passionate about what they do and can react quicker than larger corporations when responding to something online. That’s the beauty of social media—its success is based on building relationships. The reader doesn’t care if you are from a big corporation or an entrepreneur as long as they get good info.

I recently read a post on business.com on social media marketing to small businesses, that documented some of my beliefs. The report that surveyed over 1700 people showed that the way decision makers react and use social media varies from B-to-C and B-to-B companies. You can gain some good insights into the evolution of business social media usages by looking  across  industries to see the different levels of involvement.

A free download of the 40 page report is available, “Engaging Small Business Decision Makers Through Social Media.”

Here are some highlights:

  • Smaller businesses (under 9 employees) aren’t engaged in Social Media in any meaningful way.
  • Industry type has a major impact on the number of social media resources used for businesses.
  • Most popular social media resources for small businesses are webinars, podcasts, user reviews of product or services, and profiles of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Speed and Convenience are two main reasons for using social media.

With the great growth rate of social media in general, can you imagine if all the small businesses started to embrace the technology what would happen? Most small businesses I come in contact with are contractors, and while some have started to embrace social, many either don’t understand it or don’t see the benefit in how it can help their business.

What kind of small business stories can you share on social media successes?


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B-to-B Marketers Outpace B-to-C Among Leading Social Media Initiatives

Kudos to the B-to-B marketers who have embraced social media. I recently read an article in eMarketer.com that I thought I’d share some highlights. Even though we are outnumbered and less experienced than our counterparts in B-to-C, we appear to be more active according to research from a 2009 benchmarking study from business.com.

Areas where we excel are in maintaining company-related profiles on social sites, microblogging and participating in 3rd party discussion sites.

Leading Social Media Initiatives Among B2B and B2C Companies in North America, September 2009 (% of respondents)

The only areas where B-to-B lagged were on Facebook and MySpace. It was interesting to note that B-to-B users were more active in measuring things like web traffic, brand awareness and prospect lead quality and volume. Web traffic for both categories was the top metric .

Keep up the good work and let’s stay ahead of our counterparts in B-to-C.


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Businesses are Moving From Adoption to Utilization of Social Media


I think it’s safe to say that social media is here to stay. For those of us who have accepted that fact, we are moving on from adoption to trying to understand how businesses can take advantage of social in a work context today. A recent  2009 Business Social Media Benchmarking study (download a copy) was compiled from approx. 2900 responses and is an excellent overview of how businesses are trying to utilize this media. The report covers both how businesses are using social media to find relevant information and how they judge its success.

Of particular interest to our target audiences using social media as a business information resource, Constuction was at the top of the charts and Industrial was lagging a bit. The most popular media resources for businesses were webinars or listening to podcasts(69%), followed by reading ratings reviews for businesses, products or services (62%). The least popular were saving links on social bookmarking sites (28%) and participating in discussions on third party web sites (29%).


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