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by | Jul 1, 2024

In this guest post from our friends at Long & Short of It, they are dissecting the notion of your brand holding a certain identity that is different from most. They talk about six different reasons as to why your company should institute brand differentiation. I believe that they have a point to this, due to the fact that if your brand is the same as others, or is holding the same tendencies, you’ll end up blending in versus sticking out. Click here to read more from Long & Short of It. This guest blog follows below:

. . .especially in financial services.

Pretty much whatever you make, sell, provide can be copied. It may or may not be better. So why do your customers stick with you instead of jumping to the next best or cheaper version? It comes down to differentiation and brand loyalty.

Water for example. Who knew we needed Liquid Death? It’s water. In a can. But they tapped into (sorry for the pun – not really), the power of branding. Product differentiation is tough, but your brand is and always will be unique if you nurture it. Leverage that.

Let’s try something a bit more complicated like banking. In the world of banking, standing out from the competition can be challenging. With countless banks offering similar services, finding ways to differentiate yourself is crucial for success. Here are some strategies to set your bank apart:

Provide Exceptional Customer Service
In an industry where customer trust is paramount, providing exceptional service is a powerful differentiator. And it must be exceptional. Good or even great customer service is not enough – this is now a table stake. Provide your team with the training, support, and flexibility to develop meaningful relationships with your clients.

Specialize in Niche Markets
Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, focus on serving specific niche markets. Most banks provide very similar products to a wide variety of customers. To compete, most banks need to do that, but to differentiate your institution, find those one or two things that you can do better than anyone else. It could be a product or service such as treasury management or a segment such as students or small businesses. Tailoring your services to meet the unique needs of a niche market can help you attract loyal customers.

Offer Innovative Products and Services
Stay ahead of the competition by offering innovative products and services that address emerging customer needs. Whether it’s introducing new digital banking features, launching a rewards program, or partnering with fintech companies to offer cutting-edge financial solutions, or simply helping them understanding if bitcoin is right for their portfolio. Innovation can help you attract and retain customers.

Focus on Transparency and Trust
Building trust with your customers is essential in banking. You would think that this is a given for any financial services company. But I think it’s being ignored to the detriment of many banks and for those few who don’t take it for granted, it can truly help them differentiate. A Gallup survey on trust showed that only 26% of the U.S. would say they have a great deal/quite a lot of trust in banks. Small businesses were at the top at 65% and Congress was at the bottom at 8%. Shocker. Be transparent about your fees, terms, and policies, and strive to maintain open and honest communication with your customers. Don’t just assume your clients trust you. Actively develop and implement strategies on what your bank is doing to earn that trust every day.

Cultivate a Strong Brand Identity
A strong brand identity can help differentiate your bank from competitors and attract customers who resonate with your values and vision. Invest in branding initiatives that showcase your bank’s unique personality and highlight what sets you apart from others in the industry. Are your mission and vision statements truly unique or can you slap another bank’s name on them, and they would still work? If so, that’s an issue.

More importantly, what is your bank doing to ensure those statements are vibrantly followed through everything you do from hiring, servicing, and developing products? It’s the foundation of your culture. Does your bank truly care about its brand? Communicate it? Apply it consistently? Whether it’s through your policies, marketing campaigns, or community involvement, consistency in branding can help reinforce your bank’s identity and attract loyal customers.

Whether you are in the competitive landscape of banking, a small business, or quite frankly any industry, differentiation is key to success. By providing exceptional customer service, specializing, being innovative, focusing on transparency and trust, and cultivating a strong brand identity, you can set your bank or business apart from the competition and position yourself for long-term success.

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