B-to-B Marketers Outpace B-to-C Among Leading Social Media Initiatives

by | Jan 28, 2010

Kudos to the B-to-B marketers who have embraced social media. I recently read an article in eMarketer.com that I thought I’d share some highlights. Even though we are outnumbered and less experienced than our counterparts in B-to-C, we appear to be more active according to research from a 2009 benchmarking study from business.com.

Areas where we excel are in maintaining company-related profiles on social sites, microblogging and participating in 3rd party discussion sites.

Leading Social Media Initiatives Among B2B and B2C Companies in North America, September 2009 (% of respondents)

The only areas where B-to-B lagged were on Facebook and MySpace. It was interesting to note that B-to-B users were more active in measuring things like web traffic, brand awareness and prospect lead quality and volume. Web traffic for both categories was the top metric .

Keep up the good work and let’s stay ahead of our counterparts in B-to-C.


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