Mobile Marketing to the Professional Tradesman – What are you Doing?

by | Sep 4, 2013

The professional trades are no different from normal consumers when it comes to using mobile. There have been a few articles in about both time spent on mobile devices and what’s being used to open and read emails. Both are significant when it comes to reaching contractors with your messages.

Email remains one of the most critical marketing channels—if not the most exciting. And as more consumers access on mobile, there is a growing imperative to make sure emails are smartphone- and tablet-optimized. However, that doesn’t mean marketers can forget about the desktop just yet according to a recent article in That coupled with the fact that the US now spends more time on mobile devices than desktop should send up a red flag for those of us who haven’t addressed the mobile market.

The shift includes watching video, checking social media and reading emails. So what does this mean to the B-to-B market? It means if we want to effectively communicate with our audiences, we need to be doing it in a format that is easily read.

Matt Sonnhalter, in another post on mobile, indicated that by 2015, mobile will be the first screen that people will use. That’s not that far away!

A recent survey by Equipment World Magazine on those contractors that had smartphones:

  • 85% view emails
  • 81% use it to text
  • 71% connect to the internet
  • 52% use apps
  • 24% visit social sites
  • 20% watch videos
  • 4% don’t use it for any of the above

Bottom line is, if you don’t have your website optimized for mobile, you’re going to miss lots of opportunities.

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