Talent At the Core

by | Sep 5, 2013

Today’s post comes from Scott Bessell, Sonnhalter’s Idea Builder.

I was catching up with a friend who works in the printing industry and our conversation turned to the changes that we had seen in the industry. We discussed that the concept of craftsmanship in our industries, and others, seems to have vanished. Processes today still aim for the same end result, albeit with fanfare and accolades given for spending less time and using fewer resources.

That conversation got me thinking more about the state of the industry and its future. As the concepts of craftsmanship have diminished, how have we survived? How do some of us still produce excellent products and services that make happy customers?

The more I thought, the more I realized, that it’s not the processes or the craft itself that drives industry successes. It’s the talent of the people involved.

No matter how fast-paced our society becomes or how many hats people in industry need to wear, as long as you’ve put your talented people in the right roles, you’ll excel.

People still do great work and companies still produce excellent products with reduced staff sizes because of that talent. They obviously use different tools and techniques, but as human nature goes, they adapt, master and excel, driven by talent as the backbone for any endeavor.

In order to build the best team, take stock of who you have and what their talents are, then give them what they need to succeed. With the right people in place, finding ways to adapt to changing industries is possible.

The best toolmakers, architects, engineers, chemists, accountants, designers… are those who are very good at what they do–naturally. No matter how many times the tools and processes change along the way. There’s an overabundance of mediocrity in today’s workforce, but there are still craftsmen. I acknowledge–the talented ones.

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