Is your Website Optimized for Mobile Users?

Here are some facts we can’t ignore: According to Hubspot, mobile devices will be the number-one way we access the Internet by 2013. Comscore just released a white paper that shows in the U.S. right now almost 7% of Internet traffic is coming from non-computer devices with mobile phones leading the way.

So it begs the question – is your website optimized for mobile users? I recently read an article by Jamie Turner in Social Media Examiner, 9 Tips for Optimizing Your Website for the Mobile Users that I thought was very helpful. Here are some highlights:

  • KISS – keep it SIMPLE.
  • Plan your site layout – keep pages to a minimum and the layout simple.
  • Match branding elements – make sure mobile site looks like your regular site (look and feel).
  • Avoid Flash and Java – Apple products don’t Flash and many phones don’t support Java.
  • Reduce the amount of text entry – use dropdowns, checklists or prepopulated fields when possible.
  • Use mobile redirects – make sure your site has the correct software so it can identify a mobile user and send them to that version of the site.

Have you made sure your website is mobile friendly?

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  1. David Deke

    I agree John, the future for search, is mobile. Problem is, it’s too fresh for businesses, to understand or comprehend, how to implement and optimize their sites, for mobile devices. How many businesses are JUST starting to get into the “social media” arena, after being out for years? And yet, most are scrambling to learn about social networking for their business.

    Those that get in mobile marketing now, are ahead of the game. It’s like online video trend. I knew it was big before Youtube, but technology wasn’t there to carry it or it took up, too much bandwith. Now, after 7 years of Youtube, online video is the norm.

    Yes, it’s moving towards mobile, but how many will actually, jump on that train now?


  2. jim simpson

    Great commentary here. Nice to see the discussion happening. As an ex-contractor now in the mobile web site business with lots of years of transition in between. including owning a distributorship and vp of biz dev for 700 truck svc. co. So, tradesmen who purchase from distribution are the perfect focus for my response here.

    First, a complex product offering such as distribution of a variety of products is very similar to a complex menu offering by a restaurant. They must be in the mobile space, but it’s wrong to force a user to interact with a complex menu on a mobile phone. So, fine restaurants “know” that a “contact us” button is needed to allow a thumb to connect easily…by hitting a dialing button that gets directly to the restaurant. Pizza places (simple menu) operate differently and online ordering is assumed. Two weeks ago Dominoes got over 1M orders by mobile in one week.

    Tradesmen need to connect with home, co-workers, office and suppliers during the day. Like it or not, if you are a local B2B distributor to the trades, your presence in the mobile world with even the simplest of free, web based apps that work on all phones is absolutely necessary. If for no reason at all, then to be there first. What if you could go back in time and be on the web “first”? Well, you can do that now and get share of mind, habituate customers to “clicking on you” and fill a vacuum.

    Think I’m wrong, Mr. Distributor? See for yourself. Pick up an Iphone, Android, Blackberry or survey your customers to see what phone they’re using and then use that phone to open your website to try to connect – or order something – as a user might. Carry all the way through to paying for the order. My guess is that few of you have done this.

    If you just want a simple test, try a third party product that will “show” you how your website looks on 4 different devices.

    Now, if you want a fast, simple solution that either you handle in-house or have someone else do for you to get a mobile site put together quickly…(my commercial goes here :>)

  3. Nick Stamoulis

    It’s essential today to have a website that is mobile friendly. The number of smart phone and tablet users continues to increase. If they can’t view your site they will move on to a competitor.

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