Is Mobile Marketing the Best Way to Reach the Professional Tradesmen?

by | Dec 15, 2011

Yes, I know the stats are overwhelming that of all smartphones today, over 50% connect to the Internet that way, and by 2014, 90% will be using mobile as a main way of staying connected.

A recent survey by Equipment World Magazine on those contractors that had smartphones:

  • 85% view emails
  • 81% use it to text
  • 71% connect to the internet
  • 52% use apps
  • 24% visit social sites
  • 20% watch videos
  • 4% don’t use it for any of the above

Those are some impressive numbers and should tell us all that we’re missing the boat if we’re not including mobile marketing into our overall program.

But before you jump in right now, why don’t you ask the guy in charge of your web analytics to see how many people are coming to your site currently via a mobile browser.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t consider a strategy, but a QR Code isn’t a mobile marketing program.

I get a kick out of QR codes that go to the regular website that’s virtually unreadable. DON’T SEND PEOPLE TO A NON-MOBILE SITE.

If QR codes are going to be part of your strategy, then WOW them where you take them. That’s been one of the biggest complaints (disappointments) from most users that scan the code. If you put them on product packaging, make sure, for example, a how-to-use video is short and clear. Make them glad they went to the extra effort. Also tell them what to expect to get if you scan the code, i.e. a coupon, how-to video, chart to find the right size tool.

Beyond using a QR code, apps that help the tradesmen do their jobs are really a good way to connect with them. Calculated Industries has mobile apps for phones that allow a contractor to download specific calculators onto their phone. RIDGID has a digital level download for your phone. Something useful that a contractor can use.

Are you starting to think about a mobile strategy, or maybe you already have one in place? I’d love to hear about your success stories.

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