Understanding Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Twitter still remains a mystery to most B-to-B marketers. There are so many tools out there that it often overwhelms a prospective user.

I ran across a great article recently by Gabrielle Conde called, The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing that pretty much sums it up in a very organized manner.

She covers everything from the basics of what Twitter is, how to set up an account, the Twitter mindset, getting followers and building  a marketing strategy.

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  1. Steven Pofcher

    John –
    Thanks for sharing. There is lots of good information in the post.
    So many businesses say that they want to include social media into their marketing mix, but don’t know how. I still hear, “I gave the on-line marketing project to the intern, since he knows how to do it.” This is laughable, because marketing managers would not have the interns run their traditional marketing.

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