10 Tips to Ensure a Successful Webinar Targeted at the Professional Tradesmen

by | May 26, 2011

We have used webinars successfully for several years now to promote new services and to share industry information and trends. They are a great tool to get the message out to many people at one time, and then you have the ability to archive them for people to come and view at their leisure.

Webinars are effective, and to get the most bang for your buck, you really need to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. There’s a lot that goes into a successful webinar starting with the topic itself. You need to give the professional tradesmen something they can take and make their own.

Andrew Spoeth from Marketo recently had an interesting post, How to Manage Successful Webinars: A Checklist that has several good points that you may want to look at.

I’m going to outline  my top 10 tips on ways to improve your webinars:

  1. Build a great landing page – Clearly state your value proposition up front so the reader can see what’s in it for him.
  2. Set the time for the webinar outside of normal business hours – Let’s face it, these contractors have to make a living and they have crews to supervise. Consider doing a webinar later in the day, say around 4 PM. That way a contractor may have some of his tradesmen also sit in on the session. It’s better to inconvenience you than your customer.
  3. Registration form – Make it easy and don’t ask 20 questions in order for them to sign up.
  4. Give them an option of getting a copy of the slides without attending the actual webinar – In the world of contractors, shit happens and they may not be able to attend. This will get you their contact info for further follow-up.
  5. Use Social media – Both in the actual sign-up form so they can invite their friends, but also use it to promote the event.
  6. Promote – You need to build a schedule and build a good series of reasons why these tradesmen need to attend.
  7. Get your sales force and distributors involved – Have them pass out postcard size flyers when making calls and talk it up. If a distributor does a monthly newsletter or has a site, have him put it on there as a co-sponsor. You do all the work and he shares in the credit.
  8. Practice, practice, practice – Try to keep the presentation 20-30 minutes long and allow time for questions even though they may be via e-mail.
  9. Design a follow-up e-mail– Have yourself graded on the topic, how it was presented and what they might like as future  topics.
  10. Get those names out to your sales force and distribution network for follow-up – Everyone should have at least had a phone message within a week.

Those are my thoughts. The key to a successful webinar is good planning.

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