Free QR Code Webinar For B-to-B Marketers

Webinar will focus on: How to Plan, Measure and Market using QR Codes and how B-to-B marketers can take advantage of them.

Marketing trends and tactics are ever changing and keeping up can be overwhelming. Mobile technologies are the next big deal in marketing and QR codes are a large part of that. QR codes can get a passive prospect to take immediate action by turning a standard ad, for example, into an interactive mobile call-to-action.

Please join us Wednesday, June 29th at 2 PM (EST) for this free webinar. Scott Chapin, head of the Circle 44 Mobile unit of DigiKnow, will provide insights and the ins-and-outs of QR Codes, how to use them, how to develop them, and how to measure a program’s success.

Don’t miss this must-attend Webinar on June 29th.

This webinar is available for viewing on our YouTube channel – click here.

Please forward this to a friend or business associate that might be interested.

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  1. Rick Klimek

    Hi John –

    I think we met a LONG time ago when I was with Skyline. I have a new B2B trade show & events biz and QR codes are a popular subject. Thanks for the invite to the webinar. Perhaps we’ll be able to collaborate on a project.


  2. lighttrain

    Hi John,
    I’m in the Directory Publishing Industry. I see QR-Codes & Yellow Pages going hand & Hand. Reeling the Mobile Market into the fold. Looking forward to you Ideas.

    Mike Sears

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