Top 3 Highlights of Why B-to-B Marketers Need Social Media

by | Apr 13, 2009

Reaching  tradesmen through social media is very different from your traditional methods.

A recent Forrester research report highlighted the fact that a majority of B-to-B decision makers were going online to find information, and only 25-30% of the marketers were using social media.

Here’s a simple question: Are your customers online? If so, you should be considering social media strategies.

The business world is continuously moving online. Businesses are made up of people who make business decisions and look online for information. Shouldn’t you find those people who are important to you and make sure your company info is found in all the relevant places? Will they find you online, other than your web site?

The top 3 highlights of social media:

1. Social media is easy to use and even easier to manage and measure. You’re usually dealing with a defined audience with common  interests especially in a B-to-B situation. Social media’s ability to engage niche audiences should be an essential strategy in your marketing plan.

2. Social media is cost effective. There are minimal outside costs for set-ups, with most being free. The most expensive thing will be someone’s time to write and monitor it. It is a way of very quickly and inexpensively doing some primary research and establishing metrics.

3. Social media is engaging. It’s not a one-way street rather a two-way conversation. Conversations build into relationships, relationships build trust, and who would you rather buy from, someone you know and trust, or an online shopping cart?

B-to-B marketers need to remember:

The voice and manner you approach social media is different from what you’re used to. You’re not doing a hard sell with features and benefits.

Instead you’re giving out info on applications, quick tips to solve problems and asking the reader questions to engage a conversation. No  trade ad or web site does that.


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