Companies That Want to Reach the Professional Tradesmen Need Twitter

42-18391690Twitter isn’t just for the 20-somethings to follow or be followed. It’s fast becoming a business tool and B-to-B companies need to understand its benefits and start using it.

A friend of mine reminded me that contractors of all kinds have been using the pre-cursor of Twitter for many years – It’s called Nextel, their way of instantly staying connected. Professional tradesmen have had the need to stay connected for years and Twitter is just one more way they can accomplish that.

Here are some highlights of 5 that would have direct applications to manufacturers who want to reach the professional tradesmen:

  1. Foster customer loyalty. Companies can search tweets from their customers to see what questions or critiques they may have.
  2. Launch viral marketing campaigns. Encourage users to join you on Twitter in order to receive exclusive updates and new product news first.
  3. Enhance impact at trade shows. Offer exclusive content and insights from the trade show floor.
  4. Network with customers. Companies that tweet on a consistent basis tend to generate a larger audience on Twitter.
  5. Promote product and services. By simply writing a short message, they get the point across.


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  1. Matthew Shields

    Hey John

    This is something that I have been coaching clients to do for some time. I’m glad you have touch upon the topic. To take that one step further I would also suggest that they use a service like Twellow to find and target certain trades or areas

    Great stuff on your site!

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