Tradesmen Take Note: Earnings by College Major Compared to Precision Machining

I've discussed this in previous posts how there are other options besides a 4-year college degree and the debt that comes with it when choosing a career path. Today, discussing salary comparisons, we have a guest post from Miles Free, Director of Technology and Industry Research for PMPA (Precision Machined Products Association).read more >

An Employer’s Back to School List

Miles Free, Technical Director of the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA), has been a contributor before to this audience and he and I share the same enthusiasm about giving young people other options than a 4 -year college degree. Miles sheds some current insights into the more >

Here’s the Data: Why Manufacturing is the Right Career Choice

I've always beed a big supporter of promoting manufacturing and tradesmen jobs.I recently came across a post from a client of ours PMPA( Precision Machined Products Association). Miles Free their Director of Industry Research and Technology write their blog Speaking of Precision and I wanted to share his postread more >

5 Reasons Trade Associations Should Be Blogging

Trade associations, by design, are supposed to be the mouthpiece for their constituency. Most though have missed the opportunity to harness the power of the Internet and social media. This is especially true of the more conservative manufacturing-type groups. read more >