Do You Have Social Media Training In Place?

Social media isn't just about posting comments on Facebook or Twitter. It's about not only having a plan of how to execute your message, but how to get the most out of it. Since social media is different from our normal marketing activities, your team needs to be trained with guidelines on the do's and don't's .read more >

Have You Got a Social Media Policy?

Since anyone can be a spokesperson on social media, your company should have established guidelines that outline rules for online engagement. If you're in a larger company, that means getting everyone from the executive suite to HR, and of course, customer service and marketing. If you're a smaller one, you still need guidelines but maybe not to the extreme of larger more >

You Should Know the “Why” Before the “How” If You’re Going to Jump Into Social Media

One of the first things we talk about is the "Why" you want to participate in the social media scene. If you can't answer the Why, then the How doesn't matter. Don't get into social because you think it's cool or that this will be the "silver bullet" that will save your business. You need to treat social like any other marketing more >