Do You Have Social Media Training In Place?

by | Aug 2, 2011

Social media isn’t just about posting comments on Facebook or Twitter. It’s about not only having a plan of how to execute your message, but how to get the most out of it. Since social media is different from our normal marketing activities, your team needs to be trained with guidelines on the do’s and don’t’s .

The Construction Marketing Association  recently posted  5 Social Media Training Tips that would really apply to any industry.

Here are some highlights:

  • Create a social media policy – Ensure both brand and corporate objectives are met. Need to define ramifications of negative situations, unprofessional conduct and disciplinary actions.
  • Recruit social media editors – Social media opens up who should contribute to the message outside the typical PR and Marketing disciplines. Recruit and leverage thought leaders within your company and take advantage of their expertise.
  • Develop a plan – This is not ready, fire, aim. You need to define overall objectives and goals for each social media segment you are planning on participating in.
  • Conduct social media training – After you’ve recruited your team, you need to give them some basic training in each social platform. Each are different and they need to understand the best way to use the system.
  • Keep everyone in the loop – You need to keep everyone from the team doing the work, to management where you want to build support, updated on the “wins.” Sharing the successes creates enthusiasm.

It’s important not to just jump in but have  a plan. What are some things you’re doing to help educate your team?

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