How Are You Handling Customer Complaints?

I can't believe that many marketers still ignore customers who are dissatisfied. Especially since most of the complaints make their way to social sites. Ignoring them won't make the problem go away, and if the non-responsiveness continues, you may get a tweet with #FAIL attached to it and you'll be part of an elite group (where you don't want to be in) who have failed their customers. This is more of a problem for B-to-C companies than B-to-B, but none the less, you still shouldn't ignore people. read more >

How to Use Twitter to Find New Business

Understanding how your prospects are using Twitter and what personal data they are willing to share can boost its use for new more >

5 Twitter Tools to Help Manufacturers Generate New Business

There are well over a hundred different Twitter tools that have been developed. Below are my top 5 that I use for new business that will help you create an online community of your best prospective clients. Each makes Twitter a more powerful marketing tool for your online new business efforts. read more >

7 Tips to Use Twitter to Generate Traffic and Leads

Used in the right way, Twitter can be one of the best social media tools to be used to generate traffic and leads for your new business. For the past 18 months, Twitter has been the leading traffic generator to my Tradesmen Insights blog. It definitely needs to be part of your overall social media marketing strategy. read more >

Use Twitter to Talk Up Your Brand to Tradesmen

If you don't talk up your brand on Twitter and other social sites you're missing the boat. This according to a recent post on from ROI Research.A study in April of 2010 found that at least once a week 33% of active Twitter users shared opinions about companies or products ,while 32% make recommendations and 30% ask for more >

Social Media: How Can Manufacturers Get the Most Out of It?

In our day-to-day marketing for manufacturers, we focus on selling the products or services they offer. We talk about the features and benefits and how we can solve their problems. A good and sometimes a one-way conversation centered around us. Then we jump into social media and expect the same tactics to apply. Unfortunately they don' more >

How to Find Tradesmen on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most useful social media tools we use to drive traffic. For it to be effective, you first need to determine key words and phrases that fit into your more >

50 Power Twitter Tips to Help B-to-B Marketers

Twitter is often one of the most misunderstood and underutilized social media tools. I use it all the time and its one of the best lead generators for my blog. Chris Brogan, one of the industry's gurus, has put together a list of tips that I thought would be useful so here they are:read more >

How to Engage the Professional Tradesmen on Twitter

I don't know why people are afraid of Twitter. Most of the world suffers from ADD anyway and wants something short and to the point. Politicians use the 10 second sound bit all the time to grab our attention. Do you know why? Because it works! 10 seconds isn't a lot of time so they give us one idea to think about. Twitter is the ideal platform to state your case and engage your more >

Awareness of Twitter Has Exploded: Great Way to Reach the Professional Tradesmen

Contractors are busy people, and the 140-character message is just enough to peak their curiosity and have them click through to your message. Twitter is one of the social media tools that can be used as a tool for your company's social media marketing strategy to generate online traffic and a pipeline for new business leads. Over the past year, the leading traffic generator to my blog has been Twitter. read more >

B-to-B Marketers: Tips on How to Optimize Twitter

In our world of B to B and especially the world of manufacturing Twitter of all the social media tools is probably the most misunderstood and therefore the most under utilized.75 million people visited Twitter in January alone, over 23 million were from the US. According to Twitter, over 50 million tweets are sent daily.Twitter is being talked about everywhere. People are drawn to it because of the buzz of its popularity but the majority of people don’t understand its more >

B-to-B Marketers: What Type of Twitterer Are You?

People use Twitter for different reasons. From a B-to-B perspective, why do you? For those of us who are trying to use Twitter as a marketing tool, you normally have a reason for using it. Twitter is a conversational platform. What kinds of conversations are you having?read more >

Twitter: How Useful is This Tool for B-to-B Marketers?

Some B-to-B marketers are having a hard time including Twitter in the marketing mix. You need to think of it as a relationship building tool. Twitter should never be used as a stand-alone tactic. It should be used in conjunction with other social media as well as traditional tools like more >

Social Networks Continue to Gain in Popularity

Social media as a whole continues to surpass growth estimates. eMarketer reported earlier this month that Twitter has over 18 million adults who access on at least a monthly basis. That's a 200% increase over last year. eMarketer estimates that 44.2% of all Internet users in the U.S. are social network users. Worldwide, 62.5% of active users ages 16-54 have a social networking profile in 2009. Worldwide, 62.5%of active Internet users ages 16-54 have a social network more >

Social Media Users are Focusing More on Brands

The idea of marketers adopting social media by the boatloads is not a surprising statement. One of their biggest concerns has been will the consumer return the favor. Well some recent data shows that half of social networking users have became a fan or follower of a brand more >

Use Social Media To Generate Professional Tradesmen Leads

There are many traditional ways of generating leads, i.e. pay for click, list rentals, etc. But social lets you go beyond some of these typical methods and lets people find you. In my mind, one of the biggest benefits to social media is the ability to identify and start conversations in a low-key manner with potential more >

5 Ways to Find Prospects on Twitter

Finding your best prospective client online audience is not yet an exact science. But for now, you can be in the right ballpark. The same is true regarding Twitter. There are plenty of search applications out there, but all have their limitations. The following five sites have been the most helpful to me in locating prospective client “tweeps” to more >

What’s Your Grade on Twitter?

Social media is trying to be taken seriously, and in late 2008 came out with several tools to measure the effectiveness of Twitter. Two of the more popular tools are Twitter Grader and Twinfluence. How much credibility do you put into these type tools? I use them as a guide post to make sure I keep on track. read more >

Two Ways You Can Get the Most Out of Your Blog Posts to B-to-B Marketers

Beyond those who have signed up for your blog and those that reach you through organic searches, here are two ways I drive people to my blog. read more >

5 Ways to use Twitter as a Tool to Reach the Professional Tradesman

B-to-B marketers are having a hard time figuring out the best way to use Twitter. If they understand that the people who are following them are obviously interested in them and their products, they've already pre-qualified themselves. Twitter has become my number-one source of activity to my more >

Twitter: 5 Ways to Share Images

Twittering is truly becoming one of the most important ways to share content in the social media arena. Beyond the obvious 140 characters limitation, there was no way to share images (a picture is worth a 1000 words). Since Twitter doesn't have an application for this, third party vendors have come up with options for us that work on more >

Use Twitter as a PR Tool to Help Build Long-Term Relationships

Twitter is certainly the hot topic in the social media scene. Corporate executives, editors, financial analysts and community leaders, to mention a few, are all participating. Think of it as a way to bring up awareness and start the process of building long-term relationships. Used correctly, Twitter can give you an advantage in the marketplace. Here are some tips on how to get involved:read more >

Use Twitter in Customer Service to Take Care of Problems in the Field for Professional Tradesmen

I'm sure we all have stories of customer service experiences, both good and bad. I'd bet you've had more bad than good experiences though. For manufacturers who sell to the professional tradesmen, these are even more challenging. You need to think outside the box. Twitter is an ideal tool to service your customers. Customer service departments are supposed to solve problems, reinforce a positive brand experience and not cost you an arm and leg to more >