Podcast: Issues affecting contractors

By John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman, Sonnhalter Listen to insights from John Mesenbrink from Mechanical-Hub.com as we discuss industry issues that include: Updates to their website and what contractors are looking for What’s new on integrating the latest technology and products in actual installations The skilled labor shortage How the election might affect businessread more >

Podcast: Tips on How to be a More Effective Salesperson

Today we’re talking with Alan Sipe to get some insights about selling in the Industrial/Commercial fields, especially to distributors and the big box chains. Alan is President of Toolbox Sales and Consulting and has over 40 years of experience including Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing for Klein Tools and President of KNIPEX Tools. His insights in selling through various distribution channels and professional contractors are invaluable. Visit, Toolbox Sales and Consulting for more information and to contact Alan. Enjoy.read more >

Podcast: “What Makes a Qualified Lead a Qualified Lead?”

Today we’re talking with Russ Hill, Founder and CEO of Ultimate Lead Systems. Russ has 3 decades of experience helping companies with their B2B sales lead management and CRM programs. Sales leads are the lifeblood of new business development. As important as leads are, it is still common to hear reps complain that “the leads I get are unqualified.” People have different views on the subject of lead handling, qualification and follow-up. Listen to what Russ has to say.read more >

Podcast: Home Improvement Contractors Insights on Their Interaction with Manufacturers

Today we’re talking with Angelo Ferrante Jr., owner of A&F Home Improvements. Angelo has 39 years of experience in the home improvement business. He shares with us his thoughts on what would make a better relationship between contractors and manufacturers.read more >

Podcast: Plumbing Contractor Insights on Their Interaction With Manufacturers

Today we’re talking with Glen Ailport, owner of BSB Plumbing. Glen has over 30 years of plumbing experience. He shares with us his thoughts on what would make a better relationship between contractors and manufacturers.read more >

PODCAST: The Importance of Training Programs for Distributors

Today we are speaking with Kevin Higginbotham the CEO of the Evergreen Marketing Group. Evergreen has always been a leader in product training since its inception and Kevin gives us some insights into what their group is doing to advance professional training using a multi-dimensional approach.read more >

Podcast: Why There’s Room for Pro Contractor Rentals

Today we’re talking with Rick Monogue, the publisher of a new magazine scheduled to launch in January of 2014 called Pro Contractor Rentals. We’ll find out why he thinks there’s room in an already crowded market for another print book. I think you’ll find some of his comments interesting. www.procontractorrentals.com read more >

Podcast: What Are You Doing to Get Trained Workers?

When talking with manufacturers or contractors a common complaint is not that they don’t have enough work but they can’t find qualified people to fill the jobs. This podcast will talk about ways in your local community that you can get trained skilled workers.read more >

Podcast: SEO in Manufacturing – 3 Things You Need to be Doing

I recently caught up with Sage Lewis, president of SageRock, a digital marketing agency that’s one of our strategic partners, to talk about the importance of SEO especially in the manufacturing sector. Sage gives us some good tips and references to use.read more >

Podcast: Challenges Manufacturers Face with Government Regulations

Today we’ll be interviewing Rob Kiener, Director of Government Affairs, and Miles Free, Director of Research and Technology from PMPA (Precision Machined Products Association). Their members are mostly small- to medium-sized privately held machine shops, and I believe they represent the challenges faced by other manufacturers as well.read more >

Podcast: Manufacturers and Distributors – What Are You Doing to Stay Relevant? New Rules of Engagement

Staying relevant to customers today has become much more complex. Traditional marketing and customer service, based on transactions, isn’t enough anymore. Customers want to pay less for faster, better service. The new rules focus on content, commerce and community building, integrating online platforms with traditional marketing methods.read more >

Podcast: How Contractors are Utilizing Mobile Media

We interviewed John Mesenbrink from Mechanical Hub about how contractors are using mobile in their daily routine. He talks about opportunities for manufacturers and distributors to communicate to them using mobile and gives examples of those that are doing it right.read more >

Trends in hiring good people in the industrial and construction marketplace

Skip DeVilling shares insights on what folks are looking for and what you need to do if you’re on the side of the table looking for a job. He touches on the role of technology and highlights some of the most common mistakes employers make.read more >

Pros and Cons of Buying Groups

Dan Judge, President of NetPlus Alliance, shares his insights as to the benefits to both the distributor and manufacturer, and how to get the most out of this kind of partnership.read more >

Distributor Consolidation: What Does it Mean to the Independent Distributor and their Suppliers?

Rich Vurva, founding editor of Progressive Distributor, VP/Editorial Director and co-founder of the Industrial group of DBM and Editor/Publisher of Industrial Supply magazine, discusses distributor consolidation.read more >

The Evolution of CRM in the Age of Social Media

Russ Hill, President of Ultimate Lead Systems, a strategic partner of ours for several years, discusses how social media has changed CRM and lead management programs.read more >

Overview of the Construction Industry’s Outlook for 2012

Georgia Foley, executive director of the Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association, gives a brief overview of the construction industry's outlook for 2012.read more >

Highlights of 2011 STAFDA Show

Distributors, reps and manufacturers discuss their outlooks for 2011 at the 34th Annual Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) convention and tradeshow. read more >

Why Online Training Gives You the Edge

Lisa Bordeaux, Director of Sales and Development at BlueVolt, outlines reasons why both manufacturers and distributors should use online training for not only product training but also process training for internal operations.read more >

Breakthrough in Inventory and Supply Chain Planning and Execution

Howard Coleman from MCA Associates, an expert in inventory and management, sheds light on the new “pull” inventory management system.read more >

Trends in Distribution and What it Means to the Distributor-Supplier Relationship

Lindsay Konzak, editor of Modern Distribution Management (MDM) newsletter, shares the “Four Trends in Distribution” from the MDM’s 2011 Distributor Landscape Report and what this means for the supplier-distributor relationship.read more >

Overview of 2011 HVACR Week and Comfortech Show

Mike Weil, editorial director of Contracting Business magazine, shares his thoughts on the Comfortech Show and issues facing contractors.read more >

Why Manufacturers Should Be Using QR Codes

Scott Chapin from DigiKnow explains benefits and usages in marketing efforts and gives practical advice and best practices for using QR codes.read more >

What CEOs Should Know About One Of, If Not Their Biggest, Asset

Abe WalkingBear Sanchez, leading speaker, trainer, contributing editor and author to manufacturers and distributors, discusses why the credit department should report to sales and how old ways of credit checking limits sales efforts. read more >

Podcast: What the Plumbing Industry is Doing about Water Conservation

I caught up with Bob Mader, editor-in-chief of Contractor, Radiant Living and Green Mechanical Contracting magazines. Bob shared his thoughts on what the industry is doing for water conservation and what's coming down the line that will affect us all. You can hear the interview here. read more >

Bob Mader answers what the plumbing industry is doing about water

Bob Mader, Editor-in-chief of Contractor magazine, shares his thoughts on advances in water conservation technologies and what is on the horizon for all of us on water conservation and recycling.read more >

Podcast: How Green Technology is Affecting the Plumbing Industry

I had the good fortune to catch up with Bob Miodonski, group publisher of Plumbing & Mechanical, PM Engineer and Supply House Times magazines. We talked about the biggest trend in his industry, which turns out to be “green technology,” and he discussed how it is affecting the market in general, as well as other trends that affect contractors and distributors.read more >

Podcast: What are STAFDA Distributors Doing to Weather This Downturn?

I recently caught up with Tom Hammel from Contractor Supply magazine, and he was able to share some insights as to what STAFDA distributors were doing to get them through the 2009 downturn. Tom shares his thoughts here. read more >

Podcast: Tom Hammel answers what are STAFDA distributors doing to weather this downturn?

Contractor Supply magazine's editorial director shares the successful tactics that STAFDA distributors used to get through the 2009 downturn. Listen to the Podcast: [audio http://tradesmeninsights.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/tom_hammel.mp3 Download the Podcast (MP3)read more >

Podcast: Industry Interview with Jack Keough-Industrial Distribution Market

I recently interviewed Jack Keough, former Editor and Associate publisher of Industrial Distribution magazine. He's given us some insight into the challenges both Distribution and Manufacturing face moving ahead in 2010.read more >

Industry Interview with Georgia Foley-STAFDA Market

Georgia Foley, Executive Director of STAFDA, shares what’s happening in the industry and what STAFDA is doing about it. read more >

2010 Industrial Distribution Outlook

Jack Keough, former Editor and Associate Publisher of Industrial Distribution Magazine gives us his outlook on 2010 from both the distributor and manufacturing view and where he thinks things are heading. Listen to the Podcast: [audio http://tradesmeninsights.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/jack_keogh.mp3 Download the Podcast (MP3)read more >

Podcast: Sneak Peek at Top 200 Electrical Distributors

Jim Lucy, Chief Editor of Electrical Wholesaling Magazine gives us a sneak peek at their top 200 Distributors and shares his thoughts on the industry as a whole and where opportunities lie. Listen to the Podcast: [audio https://tradesmeninsights.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/jim_lucy.mp3 Download the Podcast (MP3)read more >