What ‘Omnichannel’ Actually Means for Distributors

by | May 22, 2023

In a recent article from Industrial Distribution, the term “omnichannel” and what it means for distributors was discussed. Omnichannel means the connection of all systems, platforms, departments and sales channels. With omnichannel capabilities, distributors can provide customers with a consistent experience across all touch points.

Why are omnichannels important to B2B customers?

Omnichannels allow users to have a fluid shopping experience and give them options when they shop. Over time the number of channels that customers can engage with has grown and will continue to grow. In a study from McKinsey & Company, they found that modern B2B buyers want to engage with distributors across 10 or more channels and move between channels seamlessly. 

With more channels for buyers to access this leads to more sales.

What Is Omnichannel?

An omnichannel model gives you a holistic view of the customer experience and buying journey. When you understand your buyers’ buying patterns then you will know what products they are in the market for and how to better your business.

By having multiple channels, it allows users more opportunities for buying and makes it easier to buy from you.

How many channels do you offer your customers today? If it’s anything less than 10, it’s possible you’re not reaching all your potential customers.


Original post by Industrial Distribution: https://www.inddist.com/logistics/blog/22631373/what-omnichannel-actually-means-for-distributors

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