Tradesmen Insights 2016 Top Posts

by | Jan 4, 2017

By Rachel Kerstetter, PR Architect, Sonnhalter

2016 was again a big year in the B2T space. The comments and shares on what we publish here, gives us a good indication of what’s on your mind.

Here are the top posts on our Tradesmen Insights blog from 2016:

  1. 6 Ways to Make Your Marketing to Contractors More Effective
  2. E-commerce: Why is the Independent Distributor Missing a Great Opportunity?
  3. Make Sure Your B2B Communication is Still Human
  4. 6 CRM Best Practices
  5. 5 Key Metrics for Measuring Trade Shows
  6. Challenges Facing the Industrial Distributor Today
  7. Are You Maximizing Your B-to-B Blog?
  8. Why Content Marketing May Work Better than Traditional Advertising in Reaching Contractors
  9. Manufacturers: Are You Trying to Sell or Connect Emotionally with Contractors?
  10. Are You Ready for the True Digital Natives?

What topics/trends do you see in business-to-tradesmen marking communications for 2017?

As always, it’s our aim to share information with you that is valuable in your efforts to reach the professional tradesmen in the construction, industrial and MRO markets. I, along with the entire Sonnhalter team, look forward to helping you with your B2T marketing in 2017.

Want us to address certain topics? Let us know by commenting below or emailing us.

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