Time for a Checkup?

by | Aug 12, 2015

Let’s check your marketing vitals.checkup-square

We’re offering a thorough B2T Marketing Checkup allowing for an independent examination that helps you take your marketing program’s temperature and choose the right prescription for a healthy marketing communication program that reaches the professional tradesmen in the construction, industrial and MRO markets.

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  • The entire checkup takes about 4 to 6 weeks.


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  • You fill out a questionnaire about your existing marketing plan.


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  • The checkup questionnaire features a variety of questions in up to 20 areas, ranging from broad overall plans and processes to more specific elements including advertising, media, product launches and public relations.


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  • Sonnhalter’s team reviews your questionnaire and asks follow-up questions to make a diagnosis.


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  • Your answers along with supporting materials help us gain a better perspective on where your program is, what works for you and ways to make your company’s marketing communications program stronger and healthier.


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  • You’ll get the B2T specialists’ advice and recommendations.


We all see a doctor for checkups if we want to stay healthy, and we take our cars to the mechanic to keep them running smoothly. It’s about prevention.

Bring your marketing program to Sonnhalter to get independent, third-party advice, recommendations and guidance on your current marketing plan. A win win if there ever was one.

To get started on your company’s B2T Marketing Checkup, contact Matt Sonnhalter at 216.242.0420 x 132 or msonnhalter@sonnhalter.com.


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