Save the Date! Oct 2 is National Manufacturing Day

by | Aug 13, 2015

Rachel Kerstetter, PR Architect at Sonnhalter

MFD_Logo_nodate_2015_R_ColorNational Manufacturing Day, or MFG Day, is October 2nd, which may feel like a long way off from right now, but you should start planning today.

If you’re a manufacturer, you should plan an event. Not sure what type of an event to plan? There are a variety of options for hosting an event, ranging from full day tours and sessions to half day learning seminars, or even 1-hour presentations.

If you’re not a manufacturer, you should attend an event. You can find Manufacturing Day events in your area using this interactive map.

If you’re planning to host an event for MFG Day in October, here are a few tips to make it successful:

  1. Set goals for your event. Do you want to improve your company’s image in the community? Do you need to recruit new talent? Do you want to contribute to changing the image of manufacturing? Figure out what you want to accomplish with your event and then create your plan.
  2. Identify your target audience(s). Based on the needs of your organization, some potential audiences to invite include local technical school and high school administration, faculty and students; local and regional politicians; local and trade media; family and friends of your employees and/or the local community as a whole.
  3. Put together a simple agenda. Include time to introduce your company and tailor your event to the audience that you’re inviting.
  4. Plan informative and interactive activities. Facility tours, brief presentations on different roles and Q&A sessions are easy to arrange and are effective.
  5. Promote your event. Be sure to list your event with, use your network to promote, and personally invite your target audience and promote your event through your existing channels including on your website and social media.

Not available on October 2nd? No problem! Pick a day that works for you and invite the people you want to reach to an event.

The manufacturing sector still faces a myriad of misconceptions. Initiatives like MFG Day provide a great opportunity to dispel myths and shed some light on what the industry is really like.

Will you be hosting or attending an event for MFG Day?

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