How Are You Managing Your Content Marketing?

by | Mar 21, 2012

The job of marketing today isn’t to create new customers but to create passionate subscribers to our brand. Your community will take charge and social networking will continue to facilitate the power shift towards the consumer. Our challenges are to make a person stop, read, think and behave differently.

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute and known as the Godfather of Content Marketing, describes it “as a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving profitable actions.” Does that sound like something we should be doing?

Roper Public Affairs says that 80% of business decision makers prefer to get company info in a series of articles vs. advertisements. 70% say content marketing makes them feel closer to the sponsoring company, while 60% say company content helps them make better product decisions.

So how do we manage this thing called content management? I found a good book by Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi called Managing Content Marketing that might be a helpful tool for your marketing team to read. They outline and focus on 5 areas:

  1. Understand YOU – What makes you different? You need to define this before writing content to support it.
  2. Understand THEM – Who and where are the communities you’re serving?
  3. What content can you provide to help build loyalty?
  4. Subscribers need to be fed, nurtured and unsubscribed when it’s time.
  5. Measure success.

Content marketing is a different way to get the same information in front of customers, and we all need help and tools to manage it better.

We did a webcast with Joe Pulizzi on content marketing that might be of interest to you. You can watch it here.

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