How Do You Share Content If You Don’t Have a Blog?

by | Feb 29, 2012

Doing a blog is a major commitment and lots of us haven’t pulled the trigger for just that reason. But I’m sure you’ve got good content to share, but how do you do it?

Jeffrey Cohen had an interesting post on, 6 Ways to Create and Share B2B Social Media Content Without a Blog that I found to be interesting. You can house great content on your website and use links in social networks to bring them your info. Highlights from Jeff’s post include:

  • Email – When you’re at a trade show or industry conference, take notes of highlights and send them to your customer/client contact list.
  • YouTube – Shoot a quick video (use your phone) with a product manager highlighting one key feature of a product. Post on your YouTube channel and share a link on social sites.
  • LinkedIn – Post status updates. These will be visible to all those who follow you.
  • Google+ – Great place to have conversations and ask leading questions, not to mention the benefits of search results.

So you see, there are other ways to get your presence and expertise out in the marketplace. What are you doing to enhance your expertise?

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