Why it’s Important to Have a Community Management Strategy

by | Aug 17, 2011

As we all dive into the social media scene, we find that most of us have several different audiences we’re trying to engage with. That’s why it’s important to assign a community manager to each of these important market segments. Community managers are the social media voices for their brands that fulfill multiple roles and therefore you need a strategy to keep things on track.

I recently read a post by Janet Aronica in Social Media Examiner on 5 Tips for Building a Community Management Strategy that I thought was well written. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Define metrics – What are the goals of the program? Make sure they are clear cut.
  • Listening – Be where your targets are. Identify hashtags, blogs and forums that target your audience.
  • Create a content plan – In order to draw people in, you need a plan. Identify an editorial calender, identify potential bloggers for your team and identify key words.
  • Leverage email – Build a list, develop a schedule of launch dates and plan your content.

What are you doing to manage your community?

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