Opt-in Lists: Key to Email Success

by | Jul 7, 2011

Contrary to what people might say, email marketing is still a very effective marketing tool. The key to a successful program lies in the list. If you’ve ever done any email marketing, you know you can rent lists or have publications send out a message on your behalf.

But the best lists are the home-grown ones that you nuture from within. These can come from exisiting customers, potentials for trade shows or ad campaigns, but the key in the cases other than your current customers is having them give up their email address and opt-in to all the great things you want to send them. That’s where a good opt-in page comes in.

I recently read a post in CopyBlogger, 7 Steps to an Email Opt-in Page That Works that made several good points. Here are a few highlights that may seem obvious, but aren’t always followed:

  • Determine who you want – this will determine the message you create.
  • What do you want from them – you want them to sign up, so get to the point – one point.
  • What should it include – a headline, benefits (what’s in it for me), call-to-action and actual opt-in form.
  • How much info should you ask for – the more you ask for, the less will sign up.

Don’t overcomplicate an opt-in page. Use my old standby- KISS.

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