5 Practical Ways Manufacturers Can Use 2D Bar Codes

by | Mar 17, 2011

2D bar codes are growing in use across the world (usage quadrupled in 2010) and the USA for the first time leading in the number of scans according to 3GVision.

Businesses that don’t understand how to use 2D codes think that they’re just a way to drive people through to a mobile landing page. But businesses that get it are using them in a variety of new and innovative ways — all of which lead to increased customer loyalty and greater revenue per customer. I recently read a post by Jamie Turner from 60 Second Marketer that outlined several ways businesses can take advantage of these 2D codes. I’d like to share some highlights from his post along with some insights from my perspective:

  1. Websites – Add a 2D code to the contact page so visitors can download your contact info to their smartphones.
  2. Business Cards – Add the code to your card for the same reason as the website.
  3. LinkedIn & Facebook – Add the code and position yourself as a forward innovative thinker.
  4. In-Store Point of Sale & Coupons – Provide instant coupons at the counter of your distributor.
  5. Packaging – A great way to differentiate yourself at the store level and give your customer reasons to buy. It also helps in the Big Box stores where you are restricted to their rules on merchandising and promotions.

These are some of the ways I see manufacturers using 2D codes to set themselves apart.

What are you doing to capitalize on these codes?

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