Guess Who’s Recommendations Are the Most Trusted?

by | Mar 16, 2011

You need to know, like and trust someone before you’ll recommend them, right?

 That holds true not only in our day-to-day interactions (human), as well as our relationships online. Social media has put the power in the hands of the consumer and is rapidly closing the gap with word of mouth.

A recent post on was highlighting a recent study by Global WebIndex “Annual Report 2011” that outlines the shift in behavior regading social media. Highlights include that usage of social sites are shifting from creating content to distributing it.

The human element remains key when it comes to trust. An example is users worldwide reported nearly a 50% increase in their trust for social network contacts.

Change in Sources that Are Trusted for Product Recommendations Among Internet Users Worldwide, Sep 2010 (% change vs. July 2009) 

So what does this mean for you and me? It means people who know, like and trust us, whether it’s in person or on a social site, are more likely to listen to a recommendation from you. Pretty neat if you ask me, and it reinforces what lots of people are saying about starting to build relationships on the social platform.

So what are you doing to build that trust so people are asking you for recommendations?

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