What is Augmented Reality?

by | Dec 15, 2010

Aylie Fifer, Relationship Architect here at Sonnhalter, has put together some information on Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality is a new technology that is starting to take flight in many different ways. Think of a flight simulator – the pilot goes into a “cockpit” and can use the actual controls of an airplane, but the visual is a non-real place – a video or computer generated environment to simulate the environment of a real world situation. In essence, this is very much like Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality:

  • combines real and virtual data – meaning it uses real time video and integrates with computer generated data to create an “Augmented Reality” experience
  • is interactive in real time
  • is registered in 3D

Sometimes QR codes are used to launch an Augmented Reality site or game. The QR code just redirects to the URL or information coded in the 2D QR code and the Augmented Reality site utilizes information that the phone/computer is receiving (either by camera, video, or GPS) to incorporate a virtual reality with the real reality and allowing you to interact in real time. Essentially, it layers a “virtual world” into your actual reality world.




In the National Geographic article, you will see that the Air Force is using Augmented Reality as a means to train mechanics. Augmented reality is already being used with video games as well. It is a matter of time before this technology enters into other areas of our life. What I am excited to see is how marketers will use this new media to promote their products.

Photo courtesy of National Geographic.


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