7 Excuses Not to Use Social Media in B-to-B Space

by | Dec 14, 2010

I hate to exercise, and mentally every morning, I use every excuse not to get out of bed. They’re all lame excuses, but that doesn’t stop my brain from trying to convince my body to stay put.

Social media for some, even though they may not hate it (some don’t really know what it is and how it can help them), is one of those things that you keep making excuses why you’re not jumping on board.

I recently read a post by Jay Baer, Destroying the Myths of B2B Social Media that I suggest you read and pass it onto your associates who are always making excuses. He dispels all the excuses. Here are some of the myths he responds to:

  1. My customers don’t use social media.
  2. Social media isn’t worth the trouble.
  3. If nobody is tweeting about my company, I don’t need social media.

Hopefully some of the naysayers will change their minds after reading this.

Share with someone who is always making excuses. It’s time to get on the bus!


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