Why Your Brand Should Vie For Credibility In Social Media

by | Apr 14, 2010

Social media is continuing to expand its reach (an estimated 940 million people worldwide), and businesses and their brands should look to social media as a place to build their brand. Granted, a majority of the activity is on a personal level, but interactions involving information about products and services have increased significantly according to a recent article in eMarketer.com as brands encourage word of mouth.

A recent study conducted in January of 2010 from InSites Consulting reveals some interesting points.

When asked what was the most believable source when it came to info found on the Internet, the most likely answer was their peers. That’s not surprising, but what is is that “the brand itself” came in a close second, far ahead of journalists which are traditionally considered an objective source.

Most Credible Source for Information About a Brand on a Social  Networking Site According to Internet Users Worldwide, January 2010 (%  of respondents)

InSites also found that, while brands were not at the top when users became fans, they did show up very well.

What’s this mean to you and your brand? Keep on connecting and conversing. There’s a big audience out there that can and will use your product (or your competitors). Let’s make sure it’s yours.


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