B-to-B Marketers: Use Video on Your Web Site to Increase SEO.

by | Mar 10, 2010

Manufacturers are missing the boat if they are not incorporating videos into their Web sites. According to Forrester Research, videos properly submitted are 53 times more likely to generate first page Google rankings. You heard me right, 53 times more likely. Other advantages are that results appear in days because Google is pushing video to the top. This is a great opportunity for B-to-B marketers.

Benjamin Wayne in a recent post, Search Engine Success: Getting Video SEO Right, outlines what needs to be done in order to get that first page placement. The key is submitting videos and pages in parallel and successfully indexing for each individual search engine.

Search engines can’t find video content on their own, so you need to get your submissions right in order to capitalize on this. Because the video search engine is complex, Benjamin offers these questions to your video platform provider:

  • Will you index both the permalink pages as well as the videos?
  • Will the links point back to my site?
  • How often will feeds be updated?
  • In which search engines will the results appear?
  • How do I track click-throughs?

If you do this right, you can get great results in a relatively short period of time. If you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right.


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