Google Sidewiki: Allow Others to Post Comments on Your Web Site

Another new tool that needs to be on your radar.

I don’t know if the world is ready for this, but it’s here and it’s from Google, so you know that there’s been a lot of thought behind it.

Google Sidewiki allows you to contribute helpful information next to any Web page or even critical information to a competitor’s Web site. Google Sidewiki appears as a browser sidebar, where you can read and write entries along the side of the page. Google uses an algorithm to display the most relevant and helpful posts up top.

BlueVolt Sidewiki

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The key benefits:

  • You can publish helpful information about any Web page from any browser
  • Read insights in context from Sidewiki entries added by others
  • Share Sidewiki entries through Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and Google profiles

Google could eventually put ads in the Sidewiki space – monetizing another company’s content.

As Jeremiah Owyang points out in a recent post, Google’s Sidewiki Shifts Power To Consumers – Away From Corporate Websites

“There’s nothing stopping them from allowing advertisers to put ads on Sidewiki as “sponsored” information. For example, Coke could run their latest ads on the Sidewiki area. HP could run ads on the site. This ‘already’ happens in the search engine result pages on, why not in Sidewiki?”

I agree with Jason Falls‘ assessment of Sidewiki, “It will force every company in the world with a Web site to get hip to social media and do it now.”

If you’re ready to start exploring the Web with Google Sidewiki, visit to download Google Toolbar with Sidewiki and contribute your own entries alongside pages on the Web.

So what are your thoughts on this new tool?

You might find this post by my mentor, Michael Gass, useful, How to keep up with social media.


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  1. speakingofprecision

    Brave new world… of loss of control of how our page is viewed? Our page comes up in search engines because of great, relevant content, and anybody can come along and vandalize it with negative comments? And Google gets paid? Lot of questions!

  2. victoriakamm

    Yes, there is a lot of possibility for negative comments although one person’s constructive criticism may be another’s vandalism. The good news about SideWiki is that comments are tied directly to the reviewer’s Google profile. Refuting comments or thanking someone for a good review is at least possible. The “anonymous” review sites are the ones I find unconscionable.

    BTW, Google does not get paid for this;it is free. Jeremiah Owyang’s comment concerned a possible future use of Side Wiki. While not impossible I have not seen other wikis including the most famous of all Wikipedia use that space for advertising.

    • tradesmeninsights

      Great comments and I’m glad that if you put a comment up there good or bad they know who did it. The good news at least short term is that you have to be signed into it to see comments so until everyone doe that most comments will have little impact.

  3. Phaoloo

    It’s a little bit similar to StumbleUpon with the Review button on the toolbar. However, in case more people use Sidewiki to judge a site, it will be a great marketing tool to build your brand. But we must wait now…

  4. Andy Carvallo

    I agree 100% with speakingofprecision, Google is moving us to accept comments in our websites, maybe even from our competitors and we have to celebrate? I had once a bad review in my web from somebody that didn’t even had any experience with us, and no way to cancelled the bad review. I’m not very happy with this!

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