Twitter: 5 Ways to Share Images

2120031Twittering is truly becoming one of the most important ways to share content in the social media arena. Beyond the obvious 140 characters limitation, there was no way to share images (a picture is worth a 1000 words). Since Twitter doesn’t have an application for this, third party vendors have come up with options for us that work on Twitter.

I recently read a post by Josh Catone, 5 ways to share images on Twitter, that I thought was both interesting and insightful on his part. He outlines our options and gives an overview of each of his examples. Here are some highlights of his 5 ways:

  1. Via a Twitter image sharing service
  2. Via SMS or Email
  3. Via Brightkite or FriendFeed
  4. Via Skitch
  5. Via an Encoded Tweet

Obviously, image sharing is the next logical step for Twitter and will probably drive more Tweets because of it.

If you’re already into images, I’d like to hear which one you prefer.


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    • tradesmeninsights

      Sorry for the late response. I’ve been traveling.You can use tweetdeck . Also twitpic, tweetphoto, Pikchu have apps for android along with almost any other site. Twitpic is free.

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