Reaching Professional Tradesmen: How Important is Your Post Title?

by | Jun 11, 2009

17_2503189I know some of us write to specific audiences. Some posts may be more general in nature, but the majority will be focused at your target and should have a title that will not only stop them, but will make them want to click for more info. That’s why the title is so important. You could be giving away chances for a million dollars inside your post, but no one would know if they didn’t open it.

I know when I have an idea for a post I put a working title in my blog when starting to write, but I make sure to review it after completing the post to make sure the title adequately reflects the content. I also look at past posts to see if any of the most popular ones have common threads that might be included. I try to keep the title simple and relate it to my audience and not to search engines.

I’ve come up with some things I do when reviewing titles and I recently read a post by Darren Rowse, 15 ways to rework your next blog title, that is worth your reading. Here are my 5 top things:

  1. Personalize titles to your target audience. You’ll notice in this post I’m talking about Professional Tradesmen.
  2. Lists and numbers. This is a proven method of getting people’s attention. Using this post as an example, the title could have been, “5 ways to improve your post titles in order to reach the professional tradesman.”
  3. WIIFT. What’s in it for them (your target). I have found this gets my posts open more than anything else.
  4. Ask a question. Again using this post as an example, I’ve used a question in the title.
  5. Stir the pot. Create a debate or controversy on a timely topic. This will help get the blood pressure up as well as engagement. Obviously this can’t be used in every post, but is a good tactic to consider.

Those are my top lists of what I look at when doing a title. How about you…what tricks do you use?

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