Four Ways to Write a Better B-to-B Blog

by | Jun 2, 2009

bloggingFor any of us who write a blog, you know it’s a major time commitment especially if you’re going to do it right. Some of you may only have 30 minutes or so each day and you really want to put out a good post. My audience are the manufacturers who sell to the professional tradesman and they know they need to get straight to the punch line in order to keep their attention. My main advice is to be consistent and keep the quality of your post high. Here are 4 guidelines I like to use to make sure I keep myself on track:

  1. Do at least one original post a week. Since a blog is about your opinion, then let’s make sure that you have one.
  2. Content over Frequency.We’re not in a marathon to see who can write the most posts. It’s what you say that’s important.
  3. KISS. Keep it simple. One key topic per post. Deliver the goods in the first paragraph (what’s in in for me).
  4. Keep it Short. The best and yet the hardest writing sometimes are those short, to-the-point sentences using just the right words.

These are on my checklist. What’s on yours?


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