Blogging Has Come Too Far To Be Ignored By B-to-B Marketers

Blogs are now in mainstream media(over 100 million worldwide ) and it presents a unique opportunity for marketers to both influence and monitor conversations that are relevant to your business.

Conversations about you, your brands and your competitors as well are happening as you read this… These conversations are taking place whether you’re participating or not. Wouldn’t you like to be on the inside looking out?

I read a post recently on E marketing Daily that outlined some interesting stats about the number of people either touching or being touched by blogs. Here are some highlights:

Currently, 27.9 million US internet users have a blog they update at least once a month and they represent 14% of the internet population. It’s estimated by 2013 that 37.6 million users will update their blogs at least once a month.

Even more impressive are the number of blog readers. eMarketer estimates that in 2009, 96.6 million US internet users will read a blog. By 2013, 128.2 million people (58% of all US users) will be doing the same.

The numbers tell the story – don’t ignore blogs. They’re not going away and smart B-to-B marketers will get ahead of the curve sooner than later.


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    • tradesmeninsights

      Thank for the comments. I’ve found that our blog has proved very beneficial in educating our audience on what is available and how they can use it in their own applications.

  1. Brad Shorr

    A huge advantage firms in your target sector will gain by blogging is a lead over competitors, both in terms of search engine performance and new business acquisition. I’ve seen this happen in my old industry, packaging, where adaption is also slow.

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  3. Rachel Rodenborg

    Well put and so very true! B2B blogging is all about educating customers and feeding the Google beast for better ranking on SERPs. New customer acquisition/increased number of leads in the funnel doesn’t hurt either. Unfortunately, not all B2B companies understand this and are hesitant to venture into the world of blogging and other social marketing. Keep spreading the word and I will do the same! Thanks for the great post.

  4. Rachel Rodenborg

    Okay, I couldn’t resist adding two of my favorite stats in support of B2B blogging, both from HubSpot:

    Ecommerce sites with a blog have 97% more inbound links!

    Ecommerce sites with a blog have 434% more search engine indexed pages!

    With stats like that, I’m still stunned that more B2B companies AREN’T blogging!

    Thanks! Rachel

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