The 3 C’s of Killer Content to Attract Professional Tradesmen

apple-iphone-keyboard-281x300Good writing doesn’t have to be complicated. Especially in a blog, you need to get in, make a point, have a call to action and get out. Professional tradesmen are too busy and too smart to have to waddle through a post and try to figure out what’s in it for them. Here are 3 sure ways to make your point:

  1. Clear. If you can’t capture their attention with a good subject line and then deliver your core message in the first paragraph, you will lose them. Don’t make them think, spell it out for them. Remember, blog copywriting isn’t about winning a creative award, it’s about delivering a straightforward message.
  2. Concise. Keep it to short sentences and paragraphs even though they might not always follow the rules of grammar. Remember, you’re not writing a white paper or a master’s thesis. You want to make a point and get out.
  3. Compelling. Keep it interesting and persuasive. Keep it as personal as possible and cite real life examples. Do your homework and find out what piques your readers’ interest.

Write from the heart don’t to try to maximize your SEO key words.

So what are your thoughts on killer content?


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  1. Maggie Anderson

    Well said John. I’ve been learning to skim to pull out the high points on blogs, but it sure would be easier if there were only high points!

  2. tradesmeninsights

    High points help you keep focused on what you want to say. That’s one of the great things about blogs,you keep it short and to the point. Deliver a “nugget” and move on.
    Thanks for the feed back.

  3. Ralph Bagnall

    Nice work John. I consult with woodworking shops on their social media marketing. In my blog, I have been explaining how SEO helps people find your website the first time. Only providing content of value will keep them coming back!

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