Twittering is Fast Becoming a “Go-to” Tactic for B-to-B Marketers

Twittering isn’t just for the young and hip anymore. As of February, there were 7,038,000 Twitter users (up 1,382%  from last year ) according to Neilsen Netview.

Twittering  is fast becoming a go-to tactic for B-to-B marketers. They are finding that brief messages to their followers are allowing them a platform to connect using tips, news alerts, events in near real time. They’re also learning that they don’t have to twitter, but can become followers and listen to what’s being said about the markets or industry in general .

B -to-B buyers are still people and that they buy from other people. Jon Miller ,VP  Marketing  at software developer, Marketo, says, “If you can build a relationship with a prospective buyer using Twitter before they are actively looking, you build your brand more effectively than you could with much more expensive options.”

B-to-B marketers are finally realizing that conversations are going with or without them. If you don’t believe me, type in your company name in Twitter Search and see what comes up. It may surprise you. Tweets don’t show up on Google Search yet or SEO ranking, but it’s just a matter of time.

Rick Karpinski recently had an article in BtoB Magazine that outlines how the business community can benefit from Twitter and gives examples of what some of the early adopters in B-to-B are doing with Twitter as part of their marketing programs. You can read the full post at: B-to-B Followers Flock to Twitter


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  1. jenharris

    I love that businesses are using Twitter & other SM mediums to engage with customers. Let’s just hope that their strategy is not to become a “Twitter Power User” (Quantity over quality) & hope the calls roll in.
    Twitter spam is raging right now. For instance, I had a Utah based Luxury Lifestyle website follow me. WHA? Why on earth would they follow a marketer from Boise who openly talks about not having any extra money to even afford a babysitter once every 6 months?
    If you are going to be on social media, first rule of thumb is quality over quantity and second is know who you are adding & third is engage…don’t just assume because you follow, they will come.

    • tradesmeninsights

      thanks for the comments. I’m sure Twitter will slow down eventually but it will be a major business tool going down the road. I agree quality over quantity. eventually the novices will get that.

  2. Cheryl

    Followed @jennharris09 tweet to your article and am so heartened by:

    >> They’re also learning that they don’t have to twitter, but can become followers and listen to what’s being said about the markets or industry in general .

    That’s what Twitter’s all about and what makes it so great. I get annoyed by the obviously self-obsessed followers (as Jen mentioned) but what works, what is so beautiful, is to listen. Not always be pushing but receive.

    And thanks for contradicting the misperception amongst some (some state government persons come to mind) that Twitter is some wacky 10-second’s-wonder that just “the kids” and “the geeks” are into.

    Best wishes
    – @cflinnds

  3. Allan Schoenberg

    We were an early adopter of twitter St the exchange (@cmegroup) and it’s paid off in a number of ways. Not only have we grown to so many followers, but it has become the hub of our branding efforts on social media to promote all that we are doing on and offline and it helps us connect with customers and non customers (media, bloggers, academics, etc). What I like about it is its pure simplicity – 140 characters, short links and ability to react quickly to news.


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