7 Ways to Engage Tradesmen to Read Your Blog

by | Apr 9, 2009

Professional tradesmen and contractors are busy people just like the rest of us, and if we want them to read our blogs, we need to give them info that’s timely and informative.

The key objective is to not only get info out, but to engage the reader and get their thoughts and comments.

Business blogs tend to be a bit dry and it’s up to you to keep things interesting. I read a post recently from Alyssa Gregory on ways to engage readers of business blogs and here are some highlights:

  1. Offer advice. You’re an expert in this field, so offer the tradesman some practical advice on how he can do his job better.
  2. Talk to the audience. If they’re reading your blog, there’s a reason. Since they share a common interest, you need to talk to your audience, but more importantly, keep an eye on their comments and feedback as this will be good material for future posts.
  3. Share a personal story. Let them see the other side. This helps in building a stronger relationship.
  4. Go off topic. Throw in an occasional  non-business related post. Everyone needs some comic relief.
  5. Keep it short and sweet. These contractors are busy, so get to the point and deliver (WIIFM) What’s In It For Me.
  6. Give up the wheel. Instead of doing all the talking, ask questions and ask for comments.
  7. Give readers what they want. Don’t ask the contractors for their comments if you don’t do anything with them. Acknowledge comments and answer questions. Their feedback will give you material for future posts and even surveys.

Business posts don’t have to be dry and boring. If you’d like to read Alyssa’s entire post: Ways to Engage Readers of a Business Blog


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