Industrial Marketers Need to Use Blogs and Emails to Reach Tradesmen

by | Apr 9, 2009

Will blogs replace e-mail?

imagesAfter Al Gore invented the Internet, everyone was saying that print magazines that served the trades would be a thing of the past. They said that this old technology would be replaced by the Web. Well since the invention of the Internet, there have been thousands of new magazines launched the old-fashioned way via the printing press.

Darren Rowse from the ProBlogger wrote an article on Hendry Lee from BlogBuildingU. Hendry makes a point that the same was said about e-mails once blogs were introduced.

E-mails lead all other channels by a wide margin in terms of performance. 80.4% of more than 3,000 surveyed choose e-mail as a strong adverting performer compared to 56.8% who chose search.

He suggests a combination of both. Here’s his rule of thumb:

Reach your readers whenever they want and via the content distribution channels and formats they prefer. That almost sounds too simple, doesn’t it. Give the customer what he wants, when he wants it. Brilliant!

He goes on to highlight some benefits to both e-mails and blogs.

Here are some highlights:

E-mail lets you deliver content on a regular basis which promotes recognition… good content creates interest … interest encourages interaction.

E-mail helps you move the prospect down the roads by nurturing a relationship and interaction.

Blogs. E-newsletters are the most popular method of driving people back to your blog… build buzz… create a series of lessons that can be delivered using a sequence autoresponder which will deliver them one at a time over a pre-determined interval.

By using both these tools, you can improve your marketing efforts .

To read his entire post: Blogs and Email How to Get the Best of Both Worlds


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