Vision Statement

Sonnhalter is one of the hottest and leading business-to-business marketing communications firms in the Midwest. Our annual revenues are $5 million and we have 30 FTEs. Our clients include 15 key, blue-chip companies who target the professional tradesman working in markets such as construction, industrial and MRO.


We develop “big ideas” for these clients by utilizing technology to tap into the best talent in the world and to identify the most appropriate delivery vehicles.


The agency’s office is an inspiring space which fosters the collaborative development and creation of these big ideas. It is headquartered in a part of Northeast Ohio which is vibrant with activity and rich in people, places and things to do.


The agency’s office is an inspiring space which fosters the collaborative development and creation of these big ideas. It is headquartered in a part of Northeast Ohio which is vibrant with activity and rich in people, places and things to do.


Mission Statement

Sonnhalter is a business-to-business marketing communications firm which creates custom marketing programs powered by big ideas.

We work with small- to medium-sized companies who believe in the value of marketing and have, or desire, integrated programs. This includes, but is not limited to, companies who target the professional tradesman in the construction, industrial and MRO markets.


We deliver the highest-level creative product, where “good enough” is never an option. Utilizing a collaborative process, we strive to develop the most effective marketing communications plan which allows our clients to grow their brands and maintain their leadership position.


Our goal is to transcend the traditional client/agency relationship by becoming an extension of the client’s marketing department. We do this by always exceeding their expectations, constantly serving up proactive ideas, understanding their business as well as their customers and increasing their overall quality of marketing. We simply deliver more.

Business Culture


“None of us is as smart as all of us” –Ken Blanchard.
No one person has all the answers at Sonnhalter and we develop better work as a result of our collaborative approach. Employees have the desire and willingness to work with each other. Especially when developing ideas, because these ideas can come from anyone within the agency. This team approach extends beyond the agency walls to our clients. It is not an “us” vs. “them” approach in developing work…it is a team approach, where a good idea is a good idea whether it comes from the agency or the client.


“Work hard…play hard”.
At Sonnhalter we are serious about developing great work and ideas for our clients, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We always try to have a smile on our faces as well as an optimistic attitude among the agency and with our clients. We believe in order to develop better work for our client there must be a balance in our employees’ work and personal lives.


Sonnhalter enables the flow of creativity and ideas.
This is seen in everything the agency does….from the talented employees, to the type of clients it chooses, to its space and most importantly the products and services it creates.


Working at Sonnhalter is more than just a job or a pay check.
Employees are enthusiastic about their jobs and feel their contribution, no matter how small, helps make the client’s business and the agency that much better. There is an energy within the agency that is infectious. Whether it’s from the people playing darts while brainstorming on a project or the heated discussion in the lunch room about who was kicked off the latest reality show. We are passionate about our work and will defend it; even to the point of sometimes making our clients feel a little uncomfortable.


We are never standing still, but always looking to get better and improve

We are never standing still, but always looking to get better and improve…whether it is the level of our work, our current and future clients or our people, both professionally and as human beings. We are not afraid of taking chances in the name of growth and even though we may sometimes make mistakes, we are always looking to learn from them.


Brand Brief

Brand Essence:

Sonnhalter is comprised of real, unpretentious people who are unbridled in their passion and who always strive to collaboratively exceed the needs and expectations of the brands they serve, themselves and one another.

The Brand Experience:

In a fast paced world where ROI is no longer a luxury, but a necessity and where your competitors are not only next door, but across the world, it’s hard to stand out and grow your business without standing out amongst your competitors. Sonnhalter works to give a voice to our clients’ companies and ultimately help them succeed. Our ideal client is our partner, one who is as determined to grow their business as much as we are and one that we can also call our friend. They believe in us, our thought leadership, and trust us to do our job, just as we trust them to bring ideas to the table. They feel that we are a vital link to making their business succeed and we know that they are our lifeblood. It is a relationship of mutual respect, and mutual success and it is this spirit of reciprocity that we uphold in our interactions with our clients, and with each other. And we stay focused on what we truly know – the niche in the B2B world of businesses that
target the professional tradesman and the industrial environments and vertical industries that peripherally surround the trades. We embody a cradle-to cradle mindset, driven by an equal respect and weight given to great strategies and flawlessly executed tactics.

Brand Differentiation:

We have an attitude. But not the type of attitude one would expect from a marketing communications firm. We thrive on rolling up our sleeves for and with our clients to define, set, reach and exceed their sales goals, all the while solving the toughest of problems. From advertising to PR to stubborn sales and product issues, we pride ourselves on being right there in the trenches with our
clients—constantly, relentlessly disrupting, adapting and evolving on the slippery bubble’s curve encasing today’s fast-paced world. Just ask them. And when we fight the fight, we always, always keep one thing crystal clear—all those human beings out there known as the target audience. And nobody knows these target audiences better than us, because that’s what we’ve been doing for over 30 years. But don’t think that we have gotten complacent in our years of experience – we are always challenging each other and our clients to raise the bar, to never be satisfied with the status quo and to embrace a spirit of evolution.

One Lead Thought:

At Sonnhalter, we know who we are, and we get to know our clients and their markets better than anybody else. No one works harder and is as passionate about growing clients’ sales, and no one enjoys seeing their clients succeed more.