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by | Aug 1, 2015

Ideas To Help Spark Your Marketing!

brainstormSonnhalter is offering a Half-Day Brainstorming Session to give you a new perspective and some fresh ideas. We’ll bring our idea people and meet with your team. Then, we’ll give you our recommendations in the form of new ideas that you can implement.

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  • Try before you buy: How we think and come up with ideas that work.


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  • Fresh ideas: We’ll give you new marketing ideas that address your objectives.


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  • No strings attached: You are under no obligation to have us implement our ideas.


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  • No long-term contracts: Nothing to sign and no long-term commitment.


The Steps:

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  • Phone Interview:
    About 20 minutes to determine your marketing priorities.


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  • Brainstorming Session:
    4-hour face-to-face meeting with our core team.


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  • Recommendations:
    10 marketing ideas based on your objectives.


Pre-meeting questionnaire

(20-minute phone interview).

The interview will help determine your marketing priorities.
Some possible questions:
  • What keeps you up at night?
  • What are your top 3 marketing priorities for next year?
  • What new product launches are planned?

Initial meeting.

A half-day (morning or afternoon) meeting with our core team. We will come to the table with ideas on each of the key initiatives. On the day of the meeting, we will address your 3 top issues.

Ideas from meeting and follow-up communication.

Based on our meeting, we will provide our recommendations. These will include at least 3 ideas for each of the 3 key initiatives. If you implement one of these ideas with us, we will waive the $1,995 fee.

Follow-up call.

We will call you to discuss and evaluate our recommendations.

Half a day will change the way you think about your marketing.

Contact Matt Sonnhalter at 216.242.0420 x132 or msonnhalter@sonnhalter.com.
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