Working With An Agency: Scheduling and Deadlines

by | May 1, 2014

By Robin Heike, Production Foreman, Sonnhalter

No two projects that we work on at Sonnhalter are the same. Scheduling multiple projects for one client can be a juggling act. Scheduling multiple projects for all of our clients can be a whole circus!

Clients and agencies work together as one team and have the same goals in mind. ScheduleDefinitionForBlog

Here are some points to keep in mind when it comes to project schedules and deadlines when you’re working with an agency or any external resource:

  • Preplanning on both sides when possible makes things run more smoothly. There will always be last-minute, rush projects that can’t be planned out in advance, but advanced planning not only makes projects run more smoothly, it makes it easier to handle the rush ones as well.
  • Understand the main components of each project: client info, agency copywriting and agency art creation. These may sound pretty simple, but they require everyone following the schedule to complete.
  • Interruptions to project schedules will happen and schedules will change hourly, daily, weekly, etc. Being able to adjust to the changes is imperative.

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