Google Shuts the Book on Reader

by | Apr 4, 2013

Google announced that it will discontinue Google Reader as of July 1stHere are some of the details.

I’ve asked Rachel Kerstetter, our PR Engineer, to share some recommendations for moving on without Reader.

If you’re currently using Google Reader to keep your blog and news organized, you’ll need to find another way by July 1st.  There are many RSS reader options out there, but here are some options that we recommend.

The built-in WordPress Reader is a pretty good option if you follow only WordPress blogs, which is a popular choice for company blogs. But if you follow nonWordpress blogs or don’t blog using WordPress, this is not a good option.


Feedly is our top pick that offers a quick and easy transition of your feeds from Google Reader right to its service. Feedly has an app for both Apple and Android. Their blog has instructions on seamless transitioning here.


BlogLovin’ is pretty popular among lifestyle and fashion blogs, but might start growing due to Google shutting down Reader. There is a bloglovin’ app in the Apple App store and they offer a way to import directly from Google Reader before it’s shut down.

Since importing your Reader contacts is really easy on both of these services, you can always test them both out and see what works best for you.

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